The Power of Art

Sometimes we discount the power of our natural gifts or talents.  Take a moment to tune into the gifts you have to offer.  Don't belittle them--develop them, nurture them, embrace them.  Whether your creative talents are in making music, knitting sweaters, photography, storytelling or painting......SHARE them with others!  You might be surprised at how many people you can inspire.

Artist Carrie Mae Weems Says Art Saved Her Life, And Yours Too


Carrie Mae Weems, the first African American woman to have a solo show at New York City's Guggenheim museum and winner of the MacArthur Genius Grant, thinks art is really a shortcut to inner peace.

As she told Ebony:

Art is the one place we all turn to for solace. We turn to it constantly, whether you are listening to music, or pop in a film; you want to escape reality, and if you thinking deeply, you want to engage in art in a complex way. Art allows us to navigate the more complicated parts of our lives in a way that is more palpable. We don't go to the movies just to see a movie; we go for the experience. I'm very interested in the experience. Art has saved my life on a regular basis. I wanted to offer that experience to children, to enlist them, to show them the possibilities that are in the arts, to persuade them to pursue it for both their own personal salvation and for changing the way we are understood.

Image courtesy Utube

Article courtesy: Hillary Crosley on Jezebel