Currently, there are no class sessions available.  Check Shawna's workshops for openings!

Come join Shawna in a casual, no pressure, relaxed, and positive learning environment.  Shawna’s curriculum covers: composition, color theory, stroke technique, design theory, art history, inspiration, self-awareness, and more.  Classes are small, so you get plenty of one on one time with your instructor.  

Shawna’s classes are unique because she encourages you, the student, to discover and establish your own style while learning to paint.  

“I provide you with the rules, and the tools to create and appreciate your art.”  Shawna C Elliott

Acrylic Painting Classes at Home Studio-Fayetteville

Wednesdays 9:30 am-12:30 pm; 3 hour class


$40 Per Class
$140 For 1 Session *$5.00 off per class—4 classes
$260 For 2 Sessions *$7.50 off per class—8 classes
$378 For 3 Sessions *$8.50 off per class—12 classes
$488 For 4 Sessions *$9.50 off per class—16 classes

4438 W Castlebury Lane
Fayetteville, AR  72704

A Supply list is available on Shawna’a website at List
You may register for a “Supplies Provided" option at $65 per class which includes a 16x20 canvas.  Contact Shawna directly at (479)684-7434 for more information.
*Plien Air Classes: student must provide own stool/seating.

Autumn's Harvest by Shawna Elliott; Original Acrylic on Canvas