Welcome! Below is a class supply list for students registered for Acrylic Painting Classes with Shawna

Brushes: There are a large variety of brands and price points available.  You need brushes made for acrylic painting.  I suggest purchasing the best you can afford within your budget as you will appreciate the difference in paint application and control.
That being said—there are plenty of great quality brushes at very affordable prices.  
Fine Liner or detail brush
1/2” Angular Shader
1/4” Filbert
1” Filbert
#12 Round (or about that size)
#10 Flat
3/4” or #20 Bright (or about that size)
#20 or #30 Large Filbert background brush

Paints:  There are student or professional grade acrylics.  I recommend purchasing the heavy body paints.  These are typically used by experts and professional artists because they provide great texture, control and pigment load.  
Dioxine Purple
Deep Magenta
Prussian Blue
Cobalt Blue
Hooker’s Green
Sap Green
Cadmium Yellow-Medium
Cadmium Orange
Cadmium Red Deep
Pyrole Red
Burnt Umber
Titanium White
Mars Black

Canvas: Like everything else, there are several different grades of canvasses.  Choose a gallery wrapped and pre-primed, stretched canvas.  We’ll go over more information regarding canvas selection in class.
16x20 or

Palette or paint keeper:  Masterson’s has several sizes available.  All come with a resealable lid (like a large Tupperware tray) so you can keep your paints moist from week to week.  It saves you money because you waste less paint.  

Sketch pad and pencil
Brush Soap
Portable stool or camp chair for plien air classes only

Optional but very helpful
Palette Knife
Adjustable Table Easel
Portable Brush Holder/Stand combo

A great locally owned art supplies shop is The Art Location in Fayetteville.  Their staff is uber knowledgeable and helpful.  They will help you gather everything you need, and they have a large selection of art products not available at the larger chain stores.  
They are located at:
1905 E Mission Rd
Fayetteville, AR  72704